Thursday, January 29, 2015

A Conservative Defense of Michelle Obama

Standing with the First Lady 

  Shame on you, my conservative friends, for not standing up and supporting First Lady Michelle Obama this morning. Shame on you! Because, for the first time, in her husband's presidency, we all can agree on something. We can concur and appreciate her stand in Saudi Arabia yesterday.

As many of you know, Mrs. Obama accompanied her husband to Saudi Arabia to attend an official state funeral. That is not controversial. What ticked a lot of people off inside and outside of Saudi Arabia, was the fact that she did not wear a traditional head scarf while attending the funeral.

I say good for her for standing up for her convictions. We conservatives need to give her a break sometimes and support her when we can. This time I am with her  100 %.

Some of you conservatives out there even actually gave her grief for not wearing the scarf. I imagine that you would have given her grief if she did wear it. This shows me that you are biased against her no matter what she does.

On a side note, I am personally concerned about potential human rights violations occurring in Saudi Arabia and believe its decision to give lashes to a blogger gravely concerns me as do many other things that appear to be human rights issues in that country.

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    A Conservative Defense of Michelle Obama Standing with the First Lady Shame on you, my conservative friends, for not standing up and supporting First Lady ... 1 hour ago

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

American Sniffer

              He fought in two unjust wars that destroyed civilizations

Hey y'all, this is the American Sniffer. You know, the greatest man and super-soldier that America has ever seen. I am on the streets of liberal Princeton, shooting videos, chewing skoal and taking names and making claims. I am the greatest living legend and American war hero of all time.

It does not matter to me that these two wars that President Geoge W. Bush started, were unjust wars that eviscerated two entire civilizations and directly led to the birth and rise of ISIS (Islamic State).

Yes, I had 160 kills over there in them darn wars. I don't take pride in all that, but I had my duty to perform. I had to snap some necks and cash a few checks at the expense of human life, to save America.

If you can, check out my video that I shot this morning, it was not the first thing I "shot" this morning but it is real good.

Here is the greatest video ever "shot" because it involves me:

Semper Fi my friends, Semper fi!            

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

I will not tolerate racism or homophobia

Recently I was on a Facebook page that deals with political issues. I almost literally and physically threw up just now when I saw a racist cartoon beyond anything I could have ever conceived of. As I started looking at these groups closely, I am starting to notice that there are some militant racists proliferating the internet. It sickens me and bothers me to no end. I am heartbroken and deeply troubled by any form of discrimination against women, minorities, the elderly, the poor, LGBT people and any other group.

I am crushed beyond belief that my eyes actually saw such evil. I may have to reconsider my political affiliation if this means that being a conservative and Libertarian means tolerating racists and homophobes. I want to go down on public record that I support gay, lesbian and transgendered rights with great passion. I am a feminist and do not support any form of racist behavior in any manner.

So, on social issues I am very, very liberal. On race issues the same. On theology and views of economics, I am conservative. I do not know how to describe my mixed bag of divergent views and thought Libertarianism was the best possible fit for me. I could have been wrong, since if being a "Libertarian" means toleration of evil people who say and post bad things about different minorities and the LGBT community, then, maybe it is time to reconsider my affiliation and join the ranks of the independents or far left of the Democratic Party (and that's not happening!).

I stand for justice for all Americans and will not tolerate racism, discrimination and homophobia in my presence ever.

Sincerely in Jesus,
Lee Edward Enochs
"Theologian X"

Monday, January 26, 2015

Why Should I Vote for Jeb Bush?

   There is no good reason to vote for the brother of a failed President 

Political Nepotism is not an quintessential American value!

by Lee Edward Enochs
President, Princeton Conservative Club

 Theological Mojo (Mobile Journalist) for Theologian X
host of "The Lee Enochs Show" (America's Most Controversial Podcast)

For Lee Enochs' Youtube channel, please see:

To listen to my podcast entitled, "Why Should I Vote for Jeb Bush?" please see:

 Nope, no way. There is absolutely no freaking way I am voting for another Bush for President. Sorry my dear and most beloved Republican friends. I am not voting for Jeb Bush, if he came to my front door and proposed to me. While I am a Libertarian conservative who happens to support gay marriage on civil liberty principles, I would have to jilt the former two-time Florida Governor at the altar. 

Recent Republican polls, however, show that Jeb Bush of all people, is now the front runner for the Republican Presidential nomination next year. The field must be bitterly weak like 2008 and 2012, since a washed out politician like Jeb Bush can become the second coming of Jesus to many Republicans in America.

So, just like that, some Republicans are going to vote for some GOP afterthought and mediocre dude who just happens to be the son of another mediocre politician and the brother of one of the worst Presidents ever. No way, not this time. I can't drink the Kool-Aid on this one folks. I have news for you folks, the highest office of America should not be based on a brand name contest, which the GOP nomination has become. Jeb would have never been governor of Florida and a potential Presidential candidate today  if his last name something other than what it is.

Just because you are the son and brother of some hacks who happened to be failed Presidents, does not qualify you for the highest office in America. I know some managers at McDonald's and Staples that have just as much charisma as Jeb Bush, so there is no way I am getting excited for Jeb. However, some Republicans I know are front runners and hoping on the Jeb Bush magical mystery tour like jumping jack flash.

I think many Republicans are not thinking properly on this one. I mean what in Jeb Bush's record excites them? The last time I knew, Jeb had a mediocre record for a "conservative" candidate and was very soft on issues dear to the Republican Party faithful that votes in the primaries. Just because he was the governor of Florida from 1999 to 2007 means absolutely nothing to me.

I need more information about Jeb Bush in all seriousness. If there is anyone out there that really gives a damn and wants to give a passionate defense of Jeb Bush for President, step right up.

However, the first question I want to know is if Jeb supports those two wars his brother started and if he supports the Patriot Act, which I, as a devout Libertarian, detest with great vehemence. 

Sunday, January 25, 2015

Why Conservatives Should Hate Technology (or maybe just a little)

                                     My Libertarian Motorcycle Diary 

 by Lee Edward "Ed" Enochs

We are stardust, we are golden
We are caught in the devils bargain

And we got to get ourselves back to the garden

January 25, 2015

Today (and please forgive me),  I find myself filled with streams of consciousness, angst and alienation outside alone in the bitter nordic cold.  As my beloved mentor and father's family friend, Jimi Hendrix, always told me, that life is but a joke and in the distance all along the watchtower, I find myself very much exhausted, and on the lam and on the run again. Always and forever a proverbial and actual iconoclastic nomad, pushing bitterly forward, when I am not in Princeton, going to grad school, on the run as the wayward son of the devil with the blue dress on. This is the nomadic and wayward life I have chosen for myself.

Or perhaps by a cruel twist of providential divine intervention to those of more astute and Princetonian Calvinist theological aspirations. I am a Libertarian and very much conservative estranged son of hippie, counter cultural individual of the 1960's. While I vehemently reject the liberal and progressive Elizabeth Warren type politics of my father, as I said yesterday in my video blog (or "vlog" for those in the technological know) on my father's family hemp farm, I am only now coming to terms with my father's outlaw, wanton and vagabond lifestyle.

Besides a bad and very bitter family surname, his family ganja enclave and a little bit of advice not to sleep in the same bed twice, my father was kind of a good person in a neo-marxist and cocaine-cartel owning kind of a way. This tidbit of advice my hippie "pops" learned during his "motorcycle diary" days as a revolutionary and intimate confidant of the dynamic, and a bit iniquitous revolutionary  Ernesto "Che" Guevara, commonly known as "el Che" or simply "Che," was an Argentine Marxist revolutionary, physician, author, guerrilla leader, diplomat, and military theorist.

However, (And I am sorry to lapse into a narcissistic reminisce)  on this day, (a good day that I did not have to use my gat on, and a great day to live free or die hard), I find myself in a Jimi Hendrix induced stupor, and very much rural North Bennington, Vermont, an incorporated village in the town of Bennington in Bennington County, Vermont, United States. The population here in North Bennington was 1,643 as of the 2010 census. North Bennington's boundary with Bennington cuts across the grounds of Bennington College. North Bennington is home to several companies, most notably National Hanger Company, PortaBrace and Sterling Gun Drills. North Bennington is some 122 miles south of Burlington, Vermont and approximately 190 miles north of New York City. And if this matters to you at all, North Bennington is roughly 214 miles south of Portland, Maine.

Yes, I have to confess to you today, with bitter tears and a bit of freudian Oedipus complex, my father encouraged me to lose my teenage and "pinball wizard" obsessed virginity to a multiplicity of peruvian women of the night and was a very close friend of "Che" Guevara and participated in a myriad of unspeakable and peyote induced frenzied religious ceremonies and anti-capitalistic revolutionary micro- socialist military campaigns in what has become known by scholars as the "lost and wonderful years of Che" (Spanish: Los Perdidos y maravillosos años de Che). Yes, my father did have a passionate and stormy revolutionary "bromance" with simply wonderful Che Guevara and they ran naked with the bulls of Barcelona, smashed on Argentine coco leaves together.

The subject of peyote, "Che," economics and ecstatic South American religious ceremony is very personal to me due to my own personal narrative and has contemporaneously taken center stage in recent political discussions in the United States and it is of paramount importance that American conservatives be knowledgeable of the fiscal problems that currently plague this country in order to be effective ambassadors of life to the culture in which we live.

The recent “Occupy Wall Street Movement” and cultural ascendancy and trenchant leftist policy implementation of the likes of Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) and President Barack Obama has made the subject of economics pertinent to every concerned American. President Obama, by his own admission is a progressive and left leaning politician who has decried the alleged economic injustices fiscal abuses of recent Republican administrations and the free market system and has attempted to level the playing field between rich and poor in American society through economic policy change and a more activist role of the federal government.

Since the election and mercurial cultural ascendancy of President of Obama in November 2008, I have aspired like Will Farrell in his somber but hit cinematic masterpiece, "Step Brothers," to "cash checks and snap necks," in an economic machismo type manner and have learned that the economic terms known as capitalism and socialism have been well discussed and used indiscriminately by both his supporters and opponents, and clarification is needed in order to understand precisely what these concepts really mean.

An objective and careful analysis of these critical economic concepts is necessary in order to see what fiscal principles are necessary in order to help America out of its current economic calamity. As America faces a catastrophic debt crisis of unparalleled proportions, the subject of economics has become of paramount importance to every American irrespective of political party and demographic status. Since the days of my youth, I have been a bit scared and always enthralled with the forgotten lore of my hippie father with his myriad stories of living and loving (in a very platonic heterosexual way) Che Guevara.

Not to far from here in North Bennington, is a little pacifistic Amish community known for their great knowledge of the theological and ideological understanding of the theology of Paul Tillich, Karl Barth, H. Richard Niebuhr, John Howard Yoder and Stanley Hauerwas. I have learned to love this intellectualist and a bit rancorous enclave in a deep and abiding manner. For it was this group that taught me to fear and loathe all forms of technology after 1990. They particularly hated Steve Jobs and saw him as the incarnation of the devil himself or "herself" to remain politically correct here in the egalitarian North East. This stoic religious enclave has showed me love when no one else has. They have shared their fresh and artificial free toxin free milk and cornbread with me on a regular basis since the days of my vagabond youth when I was taught by dad to love Saul Alinsky, Bill Ayers, be evasive and avoid at all costs, doing a 15 year pop in prison for cocaine possession.

I also learned much and have had "dreams of my father" like President Obama. I have learned from my father to hate all conservatives irrespective of who they are and their personal affinities. I have also learned that all forms of technological and tracking surveillance are evil. Remember this my friend, that conservatives should learn from dad, Che and Bill Ayers, the warm embrace of the revolution. We must always be on guard for big brother and the TSA is always lurking beyond every bush, striving to take away our civil liberties. They can take away our stock portfolios but they can never take away our freedoms. Remember, happiness is Che's embrace and a warm gun. Yet, conservatives and progressives alike can agree that all forms of technology are evil because the government uses it to track our movements. As my beloved counter-cultural father imparted to me in his final words, "carry on my wayward son, there'll be peace when you are done." Amen and Amen.

God bless you all,

Lee Edward "Ed" Enochs
North Bennington, VT


Friday, January 23, 2015

On the NFL's Deflated Football Crisis

       Those who did this, should be brought to justice Immediately 


       In the storied history of the United States of America, there have been many scandals and many crisis driven controversies that have threatened life in America as we know it. 

When a national crisis comes to mind, I think of Richard Nixon and the Watergate scandal. Another crisis that generated national attention was the Iran/Contra crisis. Still another national controversy involved Bill Clinton and an intern named Monica Lewinsky. 

Yet, perhaps the greatest scandal in the history of this last best hope for mankind involves the NFL and the New England Patriots deflated footballs.

As most of us know, Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the Patriots have been accused by the international community for forcing the Colts to play with a deflated football in last weekend's playoff scandal. The enormity of this grave crisis cannot be underestimated.

When I heard the news, I was floored and spent most of this week in a darkened room, lying in a fetal position and adult diaper. I have wept profusely over this international incident and I am calling on President Obama and the Republican led Congress to come together for a special joint session of both houses, to deal with this severe issue.

The fact that the Colts could have potentially played with one or more deflated footballs may spell doom for America as a civilized Democracy.

In fact, this is the gravest controversy in recent memory. I believe every aspect of every minute of every day is spent on this issue alone by the media and the international community.

I am crushed beyond human comprehension and am not sure if I will live to see another day.

It is time for America to focus all its attention on this issue alone until justice flows in the United States like a mighty, mighty river.

The Blair Rich Project

Socialism is real murder if implemented

"It was really scary out there, he took from those who earned their wealth, and gave it to those who would not lift a finger to work nor deserved it."

In the mid-1970's, the dynamic and debonaire Dr. Blair Richfield, Jr. was a virtual fiscal supernova and proverbial "economics god," winning historic award after award and innumerable accolades from the liberal intelligentsia and collectivist academic elite for his erudite and innovative defense of statist socialism and Keynesian economic policy. His Ph.D dissertation from M.I.T., was entitled, “Why Americans Need to Give all their Money to those who won't work and don't Deserve it,”(German: Warum Amerikaner müssen ihr ganzes Geld für diejenigen, die nicht arbeiten und verdiene es nicht geben) was featured on the cover of both TIME, Newsweek, sat alone on the top of the New York Times best sellers list for a solid fifteen weeks.  

His Excellency, Pope John Paul II thought so highly of Blair’s socialist treatise, he had it translated into, 23 different languages. The Italian version, “Perché gli americani devono dare tutto il loro denaro a coloro che non funziona e non lo meritano,” sold 14 million copies and is still the basis for socialist theory for the Green Party throughout Europe and Latin America.

Richfield, a former child prodigy, earned advanced degrees from Yale University and the London School of Economics before his 21st birthday, was riding high, partying with the likes of, David Frost, Malcolm Forbes and Henry Kissinger, and blowing through kilos of cocaine and women at studio 54 like there was no tomorrow.  Some say Bill Clinton was part of these booze and sex-filled escapades, but that is a damned lie and part of the "vast right wing conspiracy." The word on the mean streets of Cambridge, MA and at Harvard, where he chaired the seat of economics, is that he barely showed up to class and forced his graduate assistant to teach the bulk of his classes, yet received all the credit. 

However, when he did manage to grace his students with his presence and was not on The Phil Donahue Show or a Norman Lear special television show, championing elitist collectivism, he would not tolerate the slightest disagreement from conservative students in his classes. He was one of the beautiful people now, with a mega-watt smile and personality that could charm the most hardened skeptic of his neo-Marxist ideological reference point, there was even talk of Richfield being Jimmy Carter's vice-presidential nominee. These were most heady days for a man about town like Blair Richfield. Outside Barack Obama, there has never been a man in American history that has done so little to earn the respect of the media elite like the "champagne supernova" Blair Richfield, Jr. Both men and women fawned over him like he was the fifth member of the Beatles.

However, this all changed in 1976, when Richfield's unwarranted fiscal policies caused New York City's epic financial collapse and when conservative economist Milton Friedman won the Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences for simultaneously and decisively refuting socialism and Keynesian economic policy. Without notice or the fanfare he had grown accustomed to in more heady days, Blair Richfield, Jr. simply disappeared. 

Some say he went down to Peru to grow peyote and implement totalitarian Marxism upon the servile and subjugated masses there. Still others say, Richfield vanished like a ghost into the deep woods, headed towards Western, Massachusetts, about ten miles outside of Harvard's Cambridge campus. Some in the know, say that Blair Richfield or "Daddy Rich" still lives in these dark woods. Some say he has been reduced to reading the National Review and living out the rest of his days, as a half-man, half-beast like creature, only to appear when Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton's staff needed advice on failed economics. 

Here, I am, the wild Libertarian on the run from the C.I.A. This time I find myself in the woods leading towards Western Massachusetts, where I am fighting for my life and encounter the paranormal phenomena others have called, "The Blair Rich Project." Blair Rich took what was hard earned and gave it to those who would not work for it nor deserved it.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

On Obama's Very Weak State of the Union Speech

                        (A Libertarian Take on Obama's Progressive Policies and Agenda)

                                                            by Lee Edward Enochs
                                                              Princeton Conservative Club

      I think I need to be clear on something as we move forward, people. Contrary to some individual's opinion of me and my views, I am far, far from being a liberal and progressive on political matters. in fact, I am more conservative on most things than most Republicans, so I think a restatement of my views on liberalism is needed. I want to make this as clear as possible to everyone that reads this blog, listens to "The Lee Enochs Show" (America's Most Controversial Podcast) and watches my renegade Libertarian videos, that I am a life-long conservative, and I plan to stay that way.

 I just spent time reading over Obama's 2015 State of the Union Speech word for word, and while it should come to no surprise to the readers of my blog and the followers of my various podcasts and videos, that I, as a decided Libertarian Conservative, am just not a fan of Barack Obama's liberal policies.

Last night's speech was more of the same rhetoric he has given over the last six years. He once again appealed to his liberal base without extending the slightest attempt of an olive branch to the victorious Republican Party, that Americans voted back into power, largely because many, many American's have become disillusioned with Obama and the Democrats vision for America. 

Many Americans are still out of work largely because Mr. Obama's collectivist policies are impeding economic growth and entrepreneurship throughout the United States. Obama's speech once again appealed to his liberal base and did not address the concerns of many Americans, such as the national debt that now sits at over $18,050,141,307,767.49 dollars (which amounts to over $56,000 dollars for every American).

I for one, hoped that President Obama would unite the country with his inspiring oratorical ability and personal biography. Unlike most conservatives in the this country, I greatly respect the President and am impressed with how far he has ascended despite his challenging upbringing.

I like the sound of some of the policies Obama pushed for last night. I especially liked his comments about the validity of community colleges. I received an outstanding education at a few different community colleges along the way, and would not be where I am today without this great avenue of inexpensive education. I am just concerned about the massive price tag that universal community college education will bring to an already crippled US economy.

I personally believe Obama has failed as a President and failed in his speech last night, because he in incapable of compromising with the Republican Party. Obama will not set aside his progressive agenda to unite the country. 

I believe the President needs to be constantly reminded that in 2012, only 58% of those eligible to vote, did in fact pull the lever for any Presidential candidate. Also, Mr. Obama seems to be oblivious to the fact that 60,933,500 sentient people voted for Mitt Romney in the 2012 Presidential election.

What this means is that Obama hardly has a mandate to ram his big government agenda down the throats of the American people. The recent thrashing the Democrats experienced in the mid-term elections demonstrates that the majority of Americans have rejected Obama and the Democrats vision for America.

For Mr. Obama to reverse course and actually do something constructive and the good for all Americans in his final two years of lame duck presidential service, he must be willing to meet the Republican Party leadership half-way on some pieces of legislation. Right now, Mr. Obama is the most polarizing President in recent memory.

It is time for Mr. Obama to meet the Republican majority at some half-way point. If not, he should just step aside and let the Republicans lead, because the GOP will most certainly not allow Obama to ram his policies through congress like his did his affordable health care act.

Once again, I respect President Obama and am impressed with his personal biography. I just wish he would meet the Republicans half-way on some piece of legislation. 


Baby you're a rich man (A Letter to Pastor Greg)

Dear Pastor Greg,
Orange County, CA

I do not want to bother you bro. Sorry to get you up from your slumber in your beach- front mansion, but I have a few questions for you. First of all, I was wondering if you could tell me where you got the money to buy such a nice beach front property in Orange County, California? Also, I was wondering if your church salary paid for the fleet of audi cars you have as well?  I was wondering if you are getting rich off your crusades and laughing all the way to the bank with the money you are scamming off the people in the church? Basically, Pastor Greg, I was wondering how it feels to be one of the beautiful people?

Please help me out,

Kind Regards,

"Theologian X"

P.S., You don't remember me, but I talked to you a few years ago in Hawaii, and you turned your back on me while talking.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Why I do not support the American Sniper Movie

I cannot support a movie that glorifies unjust wars

                                                         by Lee Edward Enochs
                                                        The Princeton Conservative Club

Unless you have your head in the sand and do not follow the news, you have probably heard something about “the American Sniper Controversy” that has erupted in America in recent days. This particular tumult was caused by some comments by the liberal film director Michael Moore who said in a very provocative comment on his “Twitter,” that snipers are cowards. 

If this was not enough to set off one of the biggest controversies of this new year, comedian Seth Rogen, of “The Interview” fame, also said some aggressive and disparaging remarks against the new Clint Eastwood directed film, “American Sniper” Starring “Silver Linings Playbook” megastar Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller, who starred in the first G.I. Joe film a few years back.

As a Libertarian, I find myself in the crosshairs of controversy once again, because while I am very appreciative of Chris Kyle’s (the actual real life “American Sniper”) military service and patriotism. I believe the reasons for America’s involvement in the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan were dubious at best and possibly criminal at worst.

I do not at all support these wars and believe that George W. Bush was either a liar who deliberately misled the American people about weapons of mass destruction being in Iraq or he was just an idiot who sent over 5,000 Americans to their death for no good reason. 

These two costly and grossly unnecessary wars were a massive drain on America’s economy and accomplished absolutely nothing positive for America’s image, national security and diplomacy around the world and in the region that these wars took place.
In all actuality, the war in Iraq and the removal of Saddam Hussein from power was the direct reason for the rise of ISIS (the Islamic State) and is currently causing us major headaches and heartaches in the Middle East.

                                   The late Chris Kyle, the so-called, "American Sniper"

I do not support these wars in any sense and believe Bush mislead the American people in declaring war on these two countries and will go to my death as a major opponent of George W. Bush’s war policy and Patriot Act. While I do appreciate Chris Kyle’s military service, I do believe the film, “American Sniper” glorifies America’s presence and participation in these two unjust wars and that is unconscionable to me.

 I find myself torn between appreciating the heroism and patriotism of Chris Kyle and my absolute disdain for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. I absolutely disagree with America’s participation in these wars, so I can’t support this movie at this time.

Monday, January 19, 2015

Theologian X Rises

Going Rogue for the Sake of the Gospel

I was born to cause a lot of theological trouble in the Evangelical and Southern Baptist world, so let the games begin. You cannot reason or negotiate with me. I am the proverbial "Dark Night of American Evangelicalism." I am a vigilante of  Evangelical theology, the scourge and bane of the Southern Baptist and Evangelical elitist status quo. 

Although I went to some of American Evangelicalism's and the Southern Baptist Convention's best academic institutions, I have been cast out forever as a brazen rebel...

My mission is clear, to cause the complete theological and ideological upheaval of American Evangelicalism and the Southern Baptist Convention, and I am just beginning.

In about a month, I will be releasing a book that chronicles my horrific time at a Southern Baptist school down in Texas. In this book, entitled, "Southern Baptist Blues." I will discuss a crisis and how a particular faction within the Southern Baptist Convention is greatly impeding the SBC's ability to minister authentically in our postmodern world.

My time in this Southern Baptist school has shown me my true mission in life; to see total and lasting Biblical Reformation occur throughout the SBC and the broader Evangelical world.

Through writing, blogging, promoting videos and calling for reform throughout American Evangelicalism and the SBC, I want to see authentic change occur.  I see myself as a postmodern Martin Luther type, going rogue for the sake of the gospel and authentic Christianity.

Like Martin Luther, John Calvin and the other magisterial leaders of the Protestant Reformation, I believe we are justified by grace alone, through faith in Christ alone, based on the authority of the Bible alone, for the glory of God alone. I also believe that while our justifcation and ultimate salvation by God is a work of God's grace alone, good works will be the natural by-product of true saving faith.

My "good works" for the sake of Christianity, is to see Biblical and authentic revival and reformation occur through the Southern Baptist Convention and contemporary American Evangelicalism.

You cannot reason with me. You cannot bargin with me, you cannot appease or bribe me. You cannot steal or rob from me, because all that was precious to me, has already been taken from me. 

I am resigned to my fate as a brazen rebel. I am a theological outcast, a vigilante for change throughout American Evangelicalism.

My name is Lee Edward Enochs and I am "Theologian X."

I am the Dark Night of American Evangelicalism. I am going rouge that truth and justice might reign in the church once more...

Theologian X rises...

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Indifferent Americans

   Yesterday, while walking in downtown Princeton, I was almost run over by an indifferent woman in a very nice automobile. Although I clearly had the right of way, she blew past me like I was yesterday's trash.  As I got a chance to look inside her car, ever so quickly, I noticed she was dressed to the hilt and the car she was driving looked like it was worth about $50,000, minimum. 

As I try to get adjusted to living on the east coast, I realize now that the people here are much different than anything I have ever encountered. I realize that that living in the shadow of the Big Apple has hardened many people. A lot of people back here have the attitude that nothing matters but them and if you get in their way, you might get run over. I have seen so much indifference to human life here and it disgusts me. Welcome to Jungle...

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Defending Artistic Expression

If you have paid any attention to me in the last few months, you would have found out by now that I am prodigious in my self-expression and use of social media. I release video's, blogs and audio podcasts on an incessant basis to communicate my radical views on Christianity and politics. I am doing this because I believe in the power and right of self-expression with all of my heart. After years of repression in fundamentalist Southern Baptist Christianity, I have come full circle and back to my roots as a person who loves and cultivates the arts. I believe in art and will use it to glorify God and communicate my views from here on out. I want to have a nation wide podcast, radio show and cable show. I want to make cutting edge films as well. I want to be an auteur of many different modes of artistic expression, and God willing, this is only the beginning of this communication. I want to do this for the glory of God and the benefit of humanity. Stay tuned, its about to get heavy!

Friday, January 16, 2015

A Conservative Defense of Martin Luther King

                                                               Lee Edward Enochs
                                                               Princeton Conservative Club

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character" (Martin Luther King, Jr.)

"He has shown you, O man, what is good; And what does the Lord require of you. But to do justly,
To love mercy, And to walk humbly with your God?" (Micah 6:8).

"Early morning, April 4
Shot rings out in the Memphis sky
Free at last, they took your life
They could not take your pride."



 I have never been more passionate about something than I am about the subject I will now enter into for this blog. First and foremost, I am a Christian. My Christian faith drives and dictates all I say and do in this life. I believe in Jesus Christ with all my heart, soul, mind and being. I believe that Jesus is the Son of God who died on the cross for our sins and rose again from the dead to give us life eternal. I very much believe in the Bible and the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ.

One thing most people do not know about me is that I am partially of Cherokee Indian descent and am proud of my native American heritage. I am often angered when I reflect upon what the American government did to American Indians in the "Trail of Tears" and other injustices and will stand up against racism when I see it, every time I see it.

Because I am a Christian, called by God to have some degree of influence among some conservatives across America, I now must stand up and speak out for justice. I must now speak out against racism in America. I must now speak out and give a conservative defense of the vision of the civil rights activist and pastor,  Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

I do not want to be misunderstood. I am a conservative. In fact, since the days of my youth I have been a "conservative's conservative." You can ask my family and friends who have known me my entire life, I have been conservative from the womb and conservative at my very core. Conservatism is in my essence and being. I love God and tradition.

I am pro-life and believe in a small government and minimal state approach to political philosophy and believe without question or reservation, that the best government is the least amount of government. I am also very conservative on most other issues.

As a conservative in America, I understand there is a perception from some people from the more progressive camp, that conservatives do not care about the important issues of race, racism and justice in the United States. While I cannot speak for others from my political perspective, I, for one am vehemently  reject racism and discrimination in any form.

I want to go down on record that I love and support the vision of Dr. King and will not tolerate racism in any form in my ministry, political and personal  associations and expressions of entertainment and media.

I will go down to my dying breath, supporting full and complete equality and inclusion of all Americans irrespective of their political perspective, racial background, gender, sexual preference and gender identity.

I have fought against racism my entire life and will do so until my final hour. Those that know me can testify that I have stood up for racial reconciliation at times when it was not the popular thing to do.

This is why I took a stand in my public comments about the incidents that occurred in Ferguson, Missouri and New York City. I do not believe that Michael Brown, Eric Garner and Trayvon Martin should have died and their deaths were a grave injustice.

I do believe that their lives matter and it angers me that these young men died in the way they did. I took a lot of heat for my comments, but that is fine, I can handle my biz, no problem.

I believe that there is racism in America and that these young men mattered. It greatly pains me to see so many people hurting about the issue of race in America.

I for one, want to go down on public record that I support the vision of Dr. Martin Luther King and will work together with all people for a better and more inclusive America.

As we near the national holiday that celebrates the life and vision of Dr. King, I want to do my part in support of Dr. King's vision.

Because of this, I am dedicating the entirety of a special edition of my podcast, "The Lee Enochs" to the memory and ministry of Martin Luther King, Jr. This coming Monday (January, 19, 2015), I am devoting my entire show to Dr. King. In fact, I am putting together an extended version of my show in support of Martin Luther King, Jr. Stay tuned folks, this something I very much believe in.

This coming Monday, I will be hosting a special, extended version edition of "The Lee Enochs Show" (America's Most Controversial Podcast). The title of this show will be, "A Conservative Defense of Martin Luther King."

God bless you all and may justice flow like a mighty river.

Lee Edward Enochs

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Saying No to Mitt Romney

     It is High Time for the GOP to Turn the Page on the Romney Chapter 

by Lee Edward Enochs
The Princeton Conservative Club

"The best government is the least amount of government."

I wear many hats in life. Besides being a graduate student in the bitterly cold North East, I work full-time at a  grocery store in Princeton, New Jersey, blog about politics, theology and national events incessantly, shoot irrelevant and inane videos, host a daily podcast, write and publish books and attempt to cause Libertarian chaos wherever I may roam. I am also the President of the Princeton Conservative Club and will try to chime in on political issues facing American conservatism when time and God permits.

Recently, I read a report that Mitt Romney is seriously considering running for President again. While I held my nose and voted for him the last time, I will not vote for him again. If Mitt decides to run again, this will be his third time around. 

Don't get me wrong, I personally like Mitt Romney and voted for him over Barack Obama in 2012. I know that might shock some of my new progressive friends I have made on the east coast and even further startle those who know my views on small-government and minimal-state Libertarianism.

 I like Mitt Romney because he is a genuine family man who loves his wife, children and grandchildren. I also like Romney because he said he would end Obamacare as soon as he took office.

However, I have not always been of the Libertarian mindset. While I am a life-long Republican, for years I followed the party line and voted for whatever slop the GOP nominated whether that was hacks like Bob Dole, George W. Bush, John McCain and yes, Mitt Romney.

(I am particularly pissed off at George W. Bush for essentially for spending like a mad man and for betraying his professed small government views by spending trillions of dollars on wars we should have not been involved in at all. I also fundamentally disagree with his "Patriot Act," which causes us to lose of civil liberties and personal dignity every time we are groped, probed and assaulted at the airport by the TSA).

While I like Mitt Romney personally, I believe there is no good reason for the Republicans to give him a third crack at the White House. As far as I am concerned, he is just recycled news at this point. It is time for the GOP to move on and look for a true, blue small government conservative. Romney is anything but a minimal-state advocate as his record shows as a one term governor of Massachusetts.

Besides, let's face it folks, Romney was often out of touch with reality and ran a very bad campaign against Obama in 2012. While his choice of Paul Ryan was a very good one, he ran a uneven campaign. His own "Romneycare" policy in Massachusetts made him seem like a hypocrite in contending against Obamacare. 

The worst thing about Mitt Romney's Presidential campaign against Obama is that he could have won. I believe this with all my heart. Yet, after his initial successful debate against Obama, he let his foot off the gas for some reason and did not go after Obama's record with the fervor he needed as the underdog. He also allowed mediocre campaign strategists to convince him that he had the Presidential campaign locked up when anything but was the case.

Romney often seems to live in some sort of out of touch reality distortion field, and seems clueless how to be aggressive when he needs to be. He should have thrown everything he could at Obama, but he just lobbed softballs at the President. That alone is inexcusable and is reason enough for the Republican Party faithful to reject him. Just because he has all the money in  the world to run a political campaign does not mean he should.

No, it is time for a new a more authentic conservative to arise to the challenge. One that will sincerely champion a minimal government and balanced budget approach and actually go after the Democrats with unbridled intensity when it counts. Romney failed at this badly and it caused him to lose an election he could have won and this is just intolerable. 

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Creed of a Wayward Son

Recently a Texan friend of mine pointed out the irony of the fact that despite my intense desire to distance myself from the Southern Baptist Convention and aspects of conservative American Evangelicalism, I would still be considered a "fundamentalist" by the likes of a person like the eminent New Testament scholar Bart Ehrman, 

I guess he is right, since no matter how one slices it and how far I attempt to distance myself from the foolish and inane aspects of American Evangelicalism, deep in my heart, I am still an orthodox Christian. That is, I still vigorously believe in the essential truths of the historic Christian faith. I still hold to creedal orthodoxy even though I am a wayward son.

While I adamantly reject much of the cooky fundamentalism of the likes of Jerry Falwell and Paige Patterson, I am still an Evangelical at heart. This is true, in the same way Protestantism in general is very broad and diverse, American Evangelicalism has a significant amount of divergence in what could be deemed right belief and practice (orthodoxy and orthopraxy).

 While many opponents of Christianity in America may want to lump all Evangelicals together, I think most Americans know that not all Evangelicals are wild-eyed snake handlers who froth at the mouth and shake and bake on the ground in mesmerized religious ecstasy. 

In the same way that not all American Evangelicals possess the shared experience of handling snakes, quaking on the ground and doing "carpet-time" as one true believer put it to me one time, not all Evangelicals share the same views on theology and cultural engagement.

I found this out the hard way while a student at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas. At one time, Southwestern Seminary was a great academic institution and respected by progressive and conservative Christians alike. So much so, that Christianity Today argued in a 1990 article that based on several pertinent criterion, Southwestern Seminary was the best overall seminary in America.

However, that was before the dark time that Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and the Southern Baptist Convention finds itself in now. By the time I arrived as a non-traditional student in 2008, Southwestern Seminary and the SBC had been taken over and overrun by Paige Patterson and his merry hoards of wacko fundamentalists. Southwestern Seminary was the crown jewel in Patterson's successful but hostile overthrow of all semblance of moderation in the Southern Baptist Convention. 

One of the first things Patterson did when he came to power as the President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary was to fire Dr. Sheri Klouda and remove her from her position as a professor of Old Testament. Patterson did this on very shaky grounds, arguing that having a female Biblical language professor somehow violated the Scriptural injunction against women being positions of teaching and authority over men in the local church. I am not sure how Southwestern Seminary qualifies as a "church," but Patterson was successful in arguing his fundamentalist point in the subsequent adjudication proceedings as case reached the Texas Supreme Court in 2007.

Another thing that Paige Patterson did when he became President of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas was to install a saw- dust trail type emotive Arminian revivalism as the prevailing cultural and ideological ethos over the entire campus. The school now has been reshaped into a cowboy boot wearing and gun-carrying Wild West show where every spontaneous whim and fancy of Patterson is carried out with zealous fidelity. Eventually he forcefully removed most of the Calvinist and so-called, "moderate" professors from campus because they deviated from his conception of religious orthodox fundamentalism.

I bring the lunacy of Patterson's fundamentalist reshaping of Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and the visage of Jerry Falwell to make the point that not all conservative Evangelicals agree with each other. In fact, many of us disagree with each other vehemently, but still remain in the Evangelical fold.

I am an "Evangelical" in the sense that I agree with certain important doctrinal tenets of what has come to be known as "Evangelical Theology." I very much agree with the Evangelical understanding of the inspiration of the Bible championed by the Old Princeton Theological Seminary professor B.B Warfield. I very much agree with Warfield and other Protestant Evangelicals, that the Bible is inerrant, inspired, infallible and exclusively authoritative in all its parts. 

I also agree with Evangelicalism in regards to its acceptance of orthodox and creedal Trinitarian belief. That is, I agree with American Evangelicalism in its fidelity and harmony with the historic Christian church on the nature and essence of God. I believe, with other orthodox Christians that there is only one true God and in God coexists three mutually exclusive individuals,  the Father, Son and Holy Spirit (Matthew 28:19-20).

Likewise, I agree with most American Evangelicals on the primacy and necessity of saving faith in Jesus Christ. I agree with Martin Luther, John Calvin and the other magisterial Protestant Reformers that we are justified by grace through faith in Jesus Christ alone.

While I agree with most Evangelicals on what should be considered "orthodox" Christian belief, I disagree vigorously how we should implement this propositional revelation into the broader society. I disagree adamantly with many Evangelicals on how to engage secular society.

Yet, my friend is substantially correct, I am an Evangelical Christian who would be considered a ideologically backward fundamentalist by people like Bart Ehrman and other opponents of Christianity in America.

If it is heretical to be an orthodox Christian to the minds of many in secular society, then so be it. I adhere to the heresy of Christian orthodoxy.

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

When Churches Abuse

    What to do when your world has
 been shattered by abusive pastors and churches

  I have been associated with conservative Evangelical churches for many years. I have also attended some of the most prominent Evangelical academic institutions in America and feel used and abused right now. 

I am still recovering from the worst form of Evangelical Christian fundamentalism I observed first hand at a Southern Baptist seminary in Texas.  

While I still held on to my faith and very much believe in Jesus Christ and Evangelical doctrine, I am greatly disillusioned with much of what I experienced in almost three decades in contemporary Evangelicalism. 

I have been particularly thrashed by abusive and autocratic pastors and seminary administrators, of whom I saw very little authentic Christianity.

Unfortunately, I now am part of the multitudes of disillusioned Evangelicals who feel abused and on the run from conservative Evangelicalism. Where I will land, only God Almighty knows.

I just cannot support the Evangelical Christian belief that should not question autocratic leaders in the church. I dared to do this and was burned badly. I am charred and scarred by Evangelicalism. 

God have mercy on my soul...

Monday, January 12, 2015

Dreams of Kim Jong-un

The title of today's show is "Dreams of Kim Jong-un" and I want to tell you that I think the recent movie "The Interview" starring James Franco and Seth Rogen is one of the best films to come out in the last decade.

I say this, not because, The Interview, was a great cinematic masterpiece, because it's not that all. In fact, this film is in all actuality, just an average Seth Rogen farce, filled with fraternity style, sophomoric and titillating gags. Just you’re run of the mill, male bonding film, but that's not the point. I think the interview is a great film for what it stands for. The Interview is great because it stands for freedom of speech and expression in an increasingly intolerant age.

The Interview is great, because it ultimately calls to attention to the fact that Kim Jong-Un is an evil dictator who suppresses and subjugates his people like slaves. North Korea is a communist dictatorship of the worst sorts. Currently people are starving to death and living a subsistence existence in the horrible cult of personality. And irrespective of how immature The Interview is, it makes a point about how Kim Jong-Un is an idiot and Rogan and Franco and the producers of the movie should be commended.

Freedom of speech and democracy is under assault folks, not just in North Korea but recently we saw the evil and murderous assault on the offices of a French satirical magazine. This was an evil terrorist attack and atrocity that claimed the lives of 12 innocent people, including two police officers. Later an anti-Semitic attack occurred that claimed the lives of more innocent people. The people who carried out these acts of terrorism, that's right people, terrorism, were intolerant thugs who have no place in a free and democratic society where the free exchange of ideas is a cherished value.

I personally do not agree with the message of this French satirical magazine. I abhor its attack on a religious faith. But under the laws of France, such satire is legal. In any free and democratic society, where freedom of speech and expression is a cherished value like it is in France and the United States, there will always be things that offend us, but just because it offends does not mean we should not permit this.

In all honesty folks, I am a lot more conservative than I let on in my blogs, videos and podcasts. In fact, I am through and through a conservative evangelical Christian. I am a lifelong Republican with Libertarian views.  I feel it is necessary, in order to communicate my views in a relevant manner, I need to be innovative, controversial and step on toes on both the conservative and liberal side.

I personally do not like this French satire magazine. I abhor its message and the manner in which that communicate it. I do commend it for standing up to intolerance while simultaneously disagreeing vehemently with its message. I stand for the freedom of speech, a lost value to many in both the conservative and liberal perspective here in America who often wants to suppress dissenting opinion if it happens to deviate from their ideology or talking points.

Yes, I disagree with this French satire magazine's message, but in a free society we should be able to debate the merits of such a magazine without the fear of being murdered because we happen to deviate from someone’s views. I believe in the fundamental and inherent right of all of use free citizens in a free democracy to express ourselves freely without persecution. I believe in the freedom of speech and in a free democracy all of us and our views must be open to contrary opinion, critique and even lampoonery.

This is why I support James Franco and Seth Rogan and their movie, which is a piece of junk and train wreck of a movie, with a beautiful message.Yes, I have been dreaming of Kim Jong-Un, I dream of a day when he will be deposed and brought to justice for his human rights violations and atrocities in North Korea. I dream of a day when North Korea will be free and united with South Korea. 

If Martin Luther King had a dream, I have a dream too, that freedom of speech will flow like a mighty river in America, France and North Korea. In recent years there have been many attempts even in America, to use various means to silence dissenting opinion in our free democracy.

On secular college campuses across the United States, there are many from a liberal political perspective who does not believe conservative students should have the right to express themselves if it happens to deviate from the politically incorrect status quo. On the right side of the conservative perspective, I have seen the worst form of censorship. On the campus of my alma mater, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, a long-time professor was fired for posting a cartoon on Facebook that happened to offend its fundamentalist leader Paige Patterson.

This same fundamentalist Christian icon, Paige Patterson fired an outstanding female professor just because he did not believe women should teach theology if there are men present. We see this suppression of the freedom of speech further in conservative circles. Case in Point, at Cedarville College, a disciple of Paige Patterson, a religious fundamentalist named Thomas White, forcefully shut down an independent student-run newspaper. 

There are reports that Thomas White himself ripped the newspapers out of the hands of students were distributing the newspaper on campus. This is the worst type of censorship folks, and it happened right here in the United States where we are supposed to have the constitutional right, safeguarded by the second amendment to the freedom of speech.

Attempts at suppressing the freedom of speech in a free and open democratic society are not just occurring in North Korea and France. It is happening right here in the United States as in the strange case of Cedarville College.  I stand for democracy and the freedom of speech folks and so should you.

This is the Lee Enochs show, authentic, real, raw and unplugged, I am Theologian X and you have just been in the Enochs zone. Have a great day folks and check to see if you are trying to suppress another person's right to express themselves safeguarded by the US Constitution.